What’s it about?

It’s about friendship through sport. Every year, around 35-odd (and in Smithy’s case decidedly odd) blokes get very excited at the prospect of doing battle with their friends on Scilly, and sharing a pint afterwards. Likewise, our Scillonian buddies select their fittest and most able, gird their loins and stock up on Guinness and Rum’n’Shrub in eager anticipation of our annual arrival.

This island race produces a veritable conveyor-belt of sporting talent and guts, and a highlight of their year is to test that against the Mals.

For the Mals, who may be embarking upon their 4th or 40th trip, it is about renewing Scillonian friendships, and Mal de Mer comradeship. History runs deep, famous victories recalled (or embellished)…

For New Boys, the on-field challenge is to prove to their fellow Mals that they are worthy, able and committed team-mates. Of equal importance is their good character, and enthusiasm for the very basis of the Club.

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Wednesday 25th September, 2024
Monday 30th September, 2024