A guide to Mal de Mer language

From the 1947 Austerity Trip

Some of the following phrases may be heard on the islands or quoted. For the sake of the ignorant the following interpretations are given:

Lex Loci : the custom of the place

Maldemerum Magnum Bonum : real good Mal de Mer

Enjoyum repeatabum : keep enoying yourself

Satisfactum donum accountum : give a good account of yourself

More Majorum : in the manner of the ancestors

Vomitus Moderatus Piscatus : feed the fishes gently

Vomitus recordus watchus : note the time you are sick

Pax bellum perpetuum : peace to your tummy always

Super Marinum et Terrum : on sea and land

Hilaritus Repeatus consideratus comfortus populus : study others in your hilarity

Non mixum sufficiento satisfactum Rum et Shrubum : go easy with Rum and Shrub

Non dormi socum – purus airus necessitus : put your socks outside the window

Non annoyus Georgius : don’t upset George

Non distrubus Albertus : don’t wake Albert

Sans fear et sans reproche : without fear or reporach

Secondum Naturuum : according to course of nature

Sic transit gloria mundi super Scillonian : so passes away earthly glory on Scillonian

Dum Vivimus vivamus : while we live, let us live

Nunquam non paratus : never unprepared

Secondum artum : according to rule

Bis pueri senes : old men are boys

Est modus in rebus : there is medium in all things

Fille de chambre : chambermaid

Ne quid nimis No 1 Account : not too much….?

Quantum sufficit : a sufficient quantity

Quantum libet : as much as you please

Respondus instantus : jump to it

Reportus adenoidus : report snorers

Sortum pleasurum : go a you please

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