The President

It is the duty of all Mals to respect the office of President during his year of office which commences on the Island of St. Mary’s and ends in the following year on the Island.

The President Elect shall not assume the title of President until he is flushed in.

Abuse of this regulation will earn a firm rebuke or worse from the Hierarchy. Any Mal addressing the President Elect as ‘President’ will suffer similarly!!

Current President

Past Presidents


  • On the Islands obey the commands of your President, when he rings the bell he wants your attention immediately.
  • Eat or converse at the table. Reading a newspaper or being late for meals will earn a stern rebuke from your President and a fine.
  • The President will not be able to allow those who wish to smoke to do so due to the new smoking ban.
  • Stick to the programme, being together, staying with the party makes the trip a happy one.
  • If you have any complaint ask of the Organizator’s permission to speak to the Director General on the matter.
  • Morning surgeries are a regular feature for those feeling unwell, you may find the cure worse that the complaint.

the president

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the next trip

Wednesday 29th September, 2021
Tuesday 5th October, 2021


Wednesday 25th
Tennis 4 : 2 Mals
Table Tennis 26 : 22 Islands
Volleyball 2 : 0 Mals
Basketball 21 : 14 Islands
Vets 5-A-Side Football 17 : 7 Islands

Thursday 26th
Beach Football 12 : 5 Islands
Beach Volleyball 2 : 0 Islands
Beach Softball : cancelled due to tide!

Hockey 3 : 0 Mals
Snooker 2 : 1 Islands
Darts 7 : 0 Islands

Pool 7 : 3 Islands

Friday 27th
Golf 8 : 1 Islands
Bowls 3.5 : 0.5 Islands
Rifle Shooting 819 : 789 Mals

Badminton 3 : 1 Islands

Saturday 28th
Cricket v St Mary’s : cancelled due to rain
Football 8 : 3 Islands
Quiz : Islands

Boat Race : Mals

Sunday 29th
Clay Shooting : Mals
Cricket v Tresco : Mals
Football 1 : 1 Draw

Monday 30th
Cricket v St. Martin’s : cancelled due to tides!
Gigs : cancelled due to sea conditions

Mals 9 v Islands 13

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