Ethos & Origins

For the benefit of those who read this for the first time, here’s a short history of the origins, aims and objectives of the Mal de Mer Club.

In the early 1930s, W. H. Goold (Uncle Jimmy) was working in Plymouth as a Branch Manager for an Insurance Company. On one of his trips to Scilly he got into conversation with certain of the Island’s sportsmen and the subject of sport on the Islands was the topic for discussion. Opportunities for playing competitive sport on the Islands were limited so Uncle Jimmy offered to bring over a team of sportsmen who would play the Islanders at whatever game they chose.

In September 1932 the first party arrived and, with the exception of the war years, has been coming ever since.

Uncle Jimmy died in 1977 but the Island sportsmen from those early days remain very dear friends.

The objectives set by Uncle Jimmy from the first trip remain clear today – to encourage and foster sport and sportsmanship both on and off the field and particularly, in the Isles of Scilly, to encourage good fellowship with the Islanders, good feeling in its membership and a willingness to have a go when called upon.

A word of warning to new members, the Mal de Mer Club is not a democratic organisation, it is a benevolent junta comprising the President, Organizator and Director General with the opinions of the Treasurer thrown in for good measure.

Do not question its authority, we have lost too many good men at sea!


Uncle Jim

Qualifications for Membership:

  • Proposed by a member, approval of the Organizator, Director General.
  • A second invitation to join the Mals.
  • Possession of a good sense of humour.
  • Respect for the D.G.’s commands.
  • Ability to hold upright all you consume.
  • Ability to play any three of the following games or sports:
    Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Beach Football, Basketball, Snooker, Badminton, Pool, Gig Racing, Clay pigeon shooting, Darts, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Quizzing.
  • The further ability to play any one well, earns you a bonus point, the admiration of your fellow Mals and a place at the top table.

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the next trip

Wednesday 29th September, 2021
Tuesday 5th October, 2021


Wednesday 25th
Tennis 4 : 2 Mals
Table Tennis 26 : 22 Islands
Volleyball 2 : 0 Mals
Basketball 21 : 14 Islands
Vets 5-A-Side Football 17 : 7 Islands

Thursday 26th
Beach Football 12 : 5 Islands
Beach Volleyball 2 : 0 Islands
Beach Softball : cancelled due to tide!

Hockey 3 : 0 Mals
Snooker 2 : 1 Islands
Darts 7 : 0 Islands

Pool 7 : 3 Islands

Friday 27th
Golf 8 : 1 Islands
Bowls 3.5 : 0.5 Islands
Rifle Shooting 819 : 789 Mals

Badminton 3 : 1 Islands

Saturday 28th
Cricket v St Mary’s : cancelled due to rain
Football 8 : 3 Islands
Quiz : Islands

Boat Race : Mals

Sunday 29th
Clay Shooting : Mals
Cricket v Tresco : Mals
Football 1 : 1 Draw

Monday 30th
Cricket v St. Martin’s : cancelled due to tides!
Gigs : cancelled due to sea conditions

Mals 9 v Islands 13

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