Current President: Pete Nelstrop, 2019

Pete Nelstrop

‘There’s no point in asking / You’ll get no reply / Oh just remember I don’t decide / I got no reason it’s all too much / You’ll always find us out to Lunch’

Famous lyrics from the Sex Pistols but are they relevant to the Mals? Well you can ask the hierarchy, but you might not get a reply, as the President Elect I don’t decide and you can always find Wardy out to lunch.

But that’s why it works. Arranging and then getting up to 40 Mals and New Boys down to the tip of England and then across to the Isles of Scilly isn’t easy. Then throw in the weather and various travel phobias complicates the matter even further. Hotel accommodation, golf, sports matches, boat trips etc are all timed to ensure the trip (or long weekend) if anyone asks, run smoothly. This all takes a lot of time and hard work, so a big thank you to Jeremy, Martin and all the team captains.

My personal thanks must go to Martin, or though it could have been Simon Greiner or Andy Clay for being my sponsor all those years ago. I remember being in the pub knowing they were off soon and then listening to what had gone on when they returned. At that time the farming calendar got in the way but as our Emperor said last year we threw that one away and so it became much easier for Martin to persuade me to come on the trip for the first time in 2007. That trip ‘The Demisesquicentennial‘ or 75th anniversary in layman’s terms, made a lasting impression and apart from Harry’s Transcendental Trip in 2014 which I missed due to an impromptu visit to the hospital I’ve been every year since.

Then there’s the location. Where better to be stood than on the St. Mary’s golf course when you’ve just lost your ball, to turn around and take in the fantastic view across to Tresco. There’s not many better on a sunny Autumn day. Throw in the islanders, always hospitable but determined to play hard and win any sport they compete in and that’s the reason we’re here. To play hard and fair, to see friends old and new and of course to win.

So New Boys, put yourselves forward, get your sponsor to point you in the right direction of the team captains. Follow the brochure and if you’re not playing always support your teammates, it makes a big difference.

Experienced Mals, been there done that, so do it again. Lead by example whether it’s on the field of play or in the bar, you know how it works. Have a great trip, we go again.

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Wednesday 29th September, 2021
Tuesday 5th October, 2021


Wednesday 25th
Tennis 4 : 2 Mals
Table Tennis 26 : 22 Islands
Volleyball 2 : 0 Mals
Basketball 21 : 14 Islands
Vets 5-A-Side Football 17 : 7 Islands

Thursday 26th
Beach Football 12 : 5 Islands
Beach Volleyball 2 : 0 Islands
Beach Softball : cancelled due to tide!

Hockey 3 : 0 Mals
Snooker 2 : 1 Islands
Darts 7 : 0 Islands

Pool 7 : 3 Islands

Friday 27th
Golf 8 : 1 Islands
Bowls 3.5 : 0.5 Islands
Rifle Shooting 819 : 789 Mals

Badminton 3 : 1 Islands

Saturday 28th
Cricket v St Mary’s : cancelled due to rain
Football 8 : 3 Islands
Quiz : Islands

Boat Race : Mals

Sunday 29th
Clay Shooting : Mals
Cricket v Tresco : Mals
Football 1 : 1 Draw

Monday 30th
Cricket v St. Martin’s : cancelled due to tides!
Gigs : cancelled due to sea conditions

Mals 9 v Islands 13

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