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(previously known as the 100 Club)

For those Mals that have zoned out since the last trip and are wondering where the 100 Club has gone, here is the low down.

Firstly we decided to change the name to better reflect the purpose of the initiative (100 doesn’t mean much!), so we changed it to the Mals FUTURE FUND.

Secondly, we dropped the Easter draw and reallocated the number picks to the other 3 draws. So for Xmas there are 3 tickets now (£75, £50, £25). The Golf Day draw stays the same (£50, £25). The trip draw is boosted (£100, £50, £25).

Also (as if you haven’t had enough), at each of the 3 draws we will be buying 10 lottery tickets. If/when we win, then that money also goes into the trip draw (to be allocated pro rata). If by chance we win more than £1000 on any lottery ticket(!) then that will instead be allocated out evenly to everyone who has bought a ticket.

Remember that all draws are now also broadcast live on Facebook… so tune in if you are not at the draw. So there you go… huge money to be won (maybe even millions) with the new improved FUTURE FUND.

In addition we have started an amazing initiative that will allow us to generate FREE MONEY for the FUTURE FUND.

It is a super easy, pain free, zero cost way to raise money for the Fund… so please sign up now and use it whenever you buy something on the internet. Instead of going straight to your favourite shopping website direct, go via easyfundraising first and then click on to your favourite retailer and the Mals will get a % donation from the retailer every time you shop – simple!

We have registered the Mals so just follow these simple steps. Go here:

Search for the cause ’Mal de Mer Club‘

  • Join the site for free
  • Enable the pop up
  • Bookmark the site in your Bookmarks bar so you remember

Every time you shop online go via this site. All donations are automatically paid direct into the Mals account (good news eh Mr T!)


Last year’s winners:

2017 Trip:
£100 – Jock McDonald
£50 – Kieran Counihan

Christmas Draw:
£75 – Wilf Feely
£50 – Jack Davidge
£25 – Adam Bryant

Golf Day 2018:
£50 – Darryl Foulks
£25 – Eddie Gladden

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the next trip

Wednesday 29th September, 2021
Tuesday 5th October, 2021


Wednesday 25th
Tennis 4 : 2 Mals
Table Tennis 26 : 22 Islands
Volleyball 2 : 0 Mals
Basketball 21 : 14 Islands
Vets 5-A-Side Football 17 : 7 Islands

Thursday 26th
Beach Football 12 : 5 Islands
Beach Volleyball 2 : 0 Islands
Beach Softball : cancelled due to tide!

Hockey 3 : 0 Mals
Snooker 2 : 1 Islands
Darts 7 : 0 Islands

Pool 7 : 3 Islands

Friday 27th
Golf 8 : 1 Islands
Bowls 3.5 : 0.5 Islands
Rifle Shooting 819 : 789 Mals

Badminton 3 : 1 Islands

Saturday 28th
Cricket v St Mary’s : cancelled due to rain
Football 8 : 3 Islands
Quiz : Islands

Boat Race : Mals

Sunday 29th
Clay Shooting : Mals
Cricket v Tresco : Mals
Football 1 : 1 Draw

Monday 30th
Cricket v St. Martin’s : cancelled due to tides!
Gigs : cancelled due to sea conditions

Mals 9 v Islands 13

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